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Our process evolved from a well-grounded design model for the development of learning and performance improvement.

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As a coach, we are a catalyst for change, sparking action into others.


Pairing storytelling with audience engagement to motivate your team.

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One-on one coaching to enable executives to reach their potential.


August 13, 2022

Tips and Strategies to Make Networking Interactions Successful

I discovered that networking is the art of leveraging my time, talents and the treasures of others to create “win-win” situations. Along the way, I’ve learned that most people are…
August 11, 2022

Learning: Is our approach a little too formal

While I was working on my doctorate, I began to record my interactions with black women who have realized their leadership goals. The purpose of the research was to assess…
A man and a woman wearing the same jacketBlog
December 11, 2019

Help a Struggling Employee Get Back on Track

Do you have an employee -- or multiple employees -- struggling with output and productivity? Or perhaps you have a recent hire who hasn't been living up to expectations, and…
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