Human Resources Development

Human Resource Development involves preparing people to move with the organization as it develops, changes, and grows enhancing its strategic capability and intellectual capital.

As advocates for lifelong learning, Clark Consulting Group, Inc. addresses those critical customer-focused issues that affect the competitive performance of your business. Our team of human resource development experts uses cutting edge models and practices to dramatically improve individual, team and company performance through the development of your employees.

Our consultants, instructors and instructional designers are selected for more than just their technical skills, but also for their creativity, teaching effectiveness and their ‘people’ skills. We believe this is the essential component of business excellence.

Our practice is a multi-facet discipline that includes

  • Organizational development
  • Career development
  • Training & Development


Organization Development

Change begins with "C". The optimum word for Organizational Development intended to change the culture of an organization or work group. Clark Consulting Group, Inc is your motivator to examine and manage that change. Our Organizational Development practitioners understand different stages of organizational development require different kinds of culture management. And that different strategic issue requires a focus on different kinds of cultural dimensions.


Training & Development

To empower your employees you must furnish people with knowledge and skills needed to perform their jobs. Our workshops are custom designed for clients using a full circle focus.

Full Circle Focus

  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation


Career development

Everyone wants to feel like they are moving forward. Every employee looks to their company to help them move forward. We partner with you to employ career development approaches, systems, and processes for your employees so that they can manage their talent, develop as leaders, while cultivating a succession plan for your company. Our philosophy and methodologies build career paths from a joint vision that aligns your company’s strategic business plan and your employee’s career aspirations.