Integrated Talent Management
At Clark Consulting Group, our process evolved from a well-grounded design model for the development of learning and performance improvement initiatives.

Learning Cycle

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Our Story

Every company can be better and most executives will agree that getting better involves investing in their most critical asset, their employees. Clark Consulting Group, Inc. agrees, and believes that investing in your people will maximize the talent, skills and abilities of this critical resource. We are here to help you improve your company by focusing on this resource.

Clark Consulting Group, Inc. is an employee development specialist committed to implementing your vision. Our team will custom design learning experiences for your employees to create lasting change in productivity, morale and company culture and increased profits for the organization.

It all starts with giving your employees the right tools to exploit your businessí competitive advantages. Initially, it all starts with the experienced, insightful human resource development services of Clark Consulting Group, Inc.


- Marilyn A. Clark, President and CEO